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Who is this Dave The Interview Guy? Well, I'm but one man out to meet the people that make this world great (and in some cases, not so great) and bring their story to you. Sure, you can find interviews all over the place, but I'm looking for a wide variety to put into just one place. With this podcast, you'll find musical stars, sports people (both in the team administration and the players), politicians, artists of other sorts, heroes that need their stories told and just those who make the world a little more fun to be in. Sometimes I schedule interviews and sometimes I just meet people in my day to day life and find their story to be intriguing enough to want to learn more about them. I hope you'll enjoy listening to them!

Coming in the next 2 weeks:
Interview with Hamilton County, Ohio Commissioner Denise Driehaus
InkCarceration Heavy Metal Event - Band, Tattoo artist interviews
USL (and soon to be MLS) FC Cincinnati Player interview
Interview with a PTSD Survivor
Interview with an experienced self publishing author to walk you through your first book and what you need to know to get started

If you know of a group or an individual that has a story to be shared with many, please send me a message to dave (at) dtig (dot) net with contact info and a little about their story.

Check the player in the left column for some of my previous interviews. Some are short, some are long. Each one has a story!

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